This book will tell you exactly how to build and run a publication/blog that gets fashion brands, small and large alike, interested in what you have to say.

There’s absolutely no doubt about it. Fashion is a basic human necessity for some. But wouldn’t you love to be able to have that ‘basic human necessity’ available to you, have your favorite brands and designers tripping over each other to have you write about, and wear their great products?

Or…would you rather be running the kind of blog that lets you share your style tastes and talents with other fashion lovers on a global scale?

It doesn’t matter WHAT country you’re in, what continent you’re on, what language you speak, or how much or how little computer experience you have. Starting and running your very own fashion publication is a great way to break into the industry, and the perks can be incredible, varied, and numerous.

Thanks to amazing advances in technology, starting an online publication is probably one of the easiest ways to get into the fashion industry right now.